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Welcome not only to our church that You may visit or join should you live or happen to be in Vienna, Austria – but also welcome also to explore what it actually means to be Christian and what true Christianity does in our lives!

We encourage You to open Your heart and listen to what Jesus may tell You. You may have heard many about Jesus and about his followers and it maybe that some of the stories are not positive. Nevertheless please do believe that to be true Christian means transformation and change to ourselves as well as to our families and social circles we are in.

You are welcome to come and join any church in your vicinity that base on teaching from Bible and should it be that you are coming to Vienna or you live here and you prefer or like to hear about Jesus and worship in English, you are welcome to join our IBCV Church!

For directions and info about IBCV go to section “About IBCV

Also You may welcome to have a look on some of these resources:

 1. Read more on what to do in first weeks of your reborn Christian life:

 2. More info on God’s principles from known preacher John Piper: